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Global connection for peace and democracy

Under the impression of the global corona(COVID-19) pandemic and worrying political situations in various parts of the world, it becomes clear to us how vulnerable democracy really is and how much need there is to encourage a dialogical approach among even larger circles of the population. We believe that it is our responsibility to engage in constant mutual understanding and collaborative endeavor through dialogue in order to build democratic relationships in families, groups, organizations, communities and nations.

We hope this online conference contributes to spread the idea of dialogical approach, and to establish networks nationally and internationally to develop a peaceful and democratic world.

Keynote speakers

Harlene Anderson
Psychologist, Co-founder for the Postmodern Collaborative Approach Co-founder for the Houston Galverston Institute

Jaakko Seikkula
Clinical psychologist, Emeritus professor at Jyväskylä Universitet

Kenneth Gergen
Social psychologist, Emeritus professor at Swarthmore College, President of the Taos Institute

Tom Arnkil
Emiritus research professor at National Institute Health and Welfare, Historical novel writer, Co-founder for the Anticipation Dialogue


To be announced. (in April 2021)

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International and Psychological Support Association (IPSA)